cake walk

Because gluten and I aren’t the best of friends, it’s rare that I eat cake. But walking away from cake should not be confused with skipping the frosting. Au contraire. Which is my purpose in today’s post:  I want to find the most fantastic frosting recipe in the world.

It has some strong competition, I should tell you going in. Because it will have to beat out my sister Marilyn’s faithful buttercream–which can produce a work of art and/or be stored in the refrigerator and brought out for cranky kids to play. It will have to surpass the grab-this/guess-that/real-world recipes handed down to me by my mom…including the one that enticed me to lick my knife when frosting Christmas cookies, which still merits the disgust of my older siblings 55 years later. It will have to surmount the memories of my Aunt Elma’s Burnt Sugar icing, one of her many loving legacies. And it will have to leap over the luscious, dense chocolate frosting on an equally divine gluten-free cupcake that Kate’s friend Sameen brought the last time she visited.

So, what recipe do you have that merits a test-taste? What’s the best you’ve ever eaten?

I’m asking now because next week, whether I admit it or not, I will begin a new year of life. It’s arriving at a time when a lot of people I know are saying final goodbyes, which has me more than a little reflective.

I think it’s time to start eating more frosting first.

Photo: Proving, once again, I’m blessed with creative family and friends–these berry nice  cake pops are by Sue Williams…and there’s frosting inside these little suckers, too. 😉


3 Responses to “cake walk”

  1. I don’t have a recipe to share, I just want to be on the tasting committee! I can’t imagine anything better than burnt sugar. Can such a thing exist?!

  2. Yea for me! Can’t wait.

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