Loved reading this morning’s FB post by my young Texan friend Mary Catherine: bonnie raitt saves the day, again! 

Years ago, when Mary Catherine, her brother Sam and Kate were preschoolers racing through the grass at Wash Park, Bonnie was playing the soundtrack for their parents’ lives. I wore out both a cassette and a CD of Nick of Time (1989); thank goodness for iTunes.

And now we have Slipstream, a new Raitt recording with stellar stuff–including a tune titled Mystified that is a Boomer benediction in every way. She captures the “success story” personalities–Mr. Blueprint, Miss Cocktail, Brother LoveJoy–we all have met in much in the same way that Billy Joel did in Piano Man. Among her lyrics:

“You were wrapped up
In your daily grind,
The cost of living
It didn’t even cross your mind.
Now you’re mystified,
Standing with the rest of us
Who used to rule the world.”

Sometime, when you have time, here’s a mini-concert and fun interview recorded recently by NPR. Well worth listening.

And if you have just a few minutes for a flashback, click here:

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