heat wave

The coldest CocaCola(R) ever served was at Joe Carpenter’s grocery store on Highway 2 in Promise City, Iowa, during the summers of 1962 and 1963. Okay, maybe not. But as a youth group kid having just mowed the Methodist church lawn, I still remember the pleasure of reaching into the icy water of the red Coke machine to retrieve a green-glass bottle of thirst-quenching fizziness.

My mom, as the MYF leader, deemed the 10 cents from the treasury for each sweaty mower’s refreshment an equitable exchange. And Gary Lord or Donald Carpenter or Ron Thompson or David Tuttle never disagreed.

With high temps covering the nation, I’ve been thinking about ways we common folk counter them, and the air-conditioned advantages we have now over those of our parents’ and grandparents’ times.

But there’s something to be said for stock tanks and swimming holes. Funeral-parlor fans in church and the small, circular wire fans working overtime in homes. Homemade ice cream being hand-turned on the front porch and hand-pumped water flowing cold from the cistern.

Cool memories.

What’s yours?

Photo: Courtesy of NASA – Mock-up of the coke dispenser flown aboard STS-77 in 1996,taken at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Cape Canaveral, Florida


3 Responses to “heat wave”

  1. Homemade Popsicles made from Koolaid frozen in ice cube trays in your very own freezer. (You had to work on the corners right away to smooth them down, then it was clear sailing.)

  2. And the treats after being at the swimming pool…ice-cream sandwiches and something like raspberry-sherbet-but-better called a “Lilly-Dilly”…;-)

  3. Box window fans. I loved (and still do) ice-cream sandwiches. Also we did coke or root beer floats.

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