Nine days have passed since the Aurora theater shootings. The first memorial services have been held. One still to come is that of a six-year-old girl. And that’s where my heart is today.

Kate shared with me that a teacher with whom she taught in Aurora had posted the story on Facebook. Seems her daughter, also six, spent last week raising money for the youngest victim’s funeral. The family had helped her with a lemonade stand…or, as the sign on the table read, LEMON-AID. Dimes and dollars were collected and counted, with the heartfelt gift relayed to proper authorities.

In one of those lovely synchronicities life brings, Lemon-Aid Family was sharing their daughter’s story with friends at a sports event when a man seated behind them apologized for interrupting. He was a family member of the little girl who had been killed. He thanked them for their kindness, then updated them on the progress being made by the mom, still in ICU.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Even when we can find no sense in something, we can still find meaning.

P.S. When I connected with Lemon-Aid Mom to get her permission for this post, she wrote back: “Are you following the Aurora Theater Shooting FB page? Now that is amazing. A lady started it and now has others who are helping to keep it going and monitoring for inappropriate comments, but it is so uplifting to see how many people are offering services, things you wouldn’t even think of. Really, we were inspired by them to do something, no matter how small.”

Photo: Courtesy Wikipedia


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