singing bowls

Here’s the deal. Surround yourself with enough people who are searchers…and stay open to experiences you might otherwise miss…and some interesting things can happen.

One did for me last night, when I accompanied by soul-friend Kristy to an event at Denver’s so-amazing Botanic Gardens.

She and I have declared August as Adventure Month, and this was an adventure into sound. For a blissful hour, about 150 of us relaxed on our yoga mats and listened to the interconnecting chimes of 14 Tibetan singing bowls–two each attuned to the seven chakras.

These ancient spiritual instruments are said to produce tones that heal. At the very least, they transport you to a place so calm, so centered that you wonder why you don’t travel there more.

As workdays go, my yesterday was not a particularly easy one. But, at the end of our singing bowl session, deadlines and unexpected edits were the farthest thing from my mind.  I was even smiling at Loudly Snoring Man, asleep at my feet on his own purple mat.

Now, it’s your turn:


2 Responses to “singing bowls”

  1. The bowls are wonderful. Maybe the best part is that the tones subtly interrupt the thoughts in my busy little monkey mind — just shimmer them away — and I barely even notice they’ve gone. Sooooothing.

  2. […] singing bowls ( […]

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