what a peach!

If you are a member of our extended family, odds are good you know we host a small tribute each late August to the Goddess of Peaches. This in no way runs counter to a Supreme Being belief…in fact, it supports it in the most beautiful way. For if Palisade, Colorado, didn’t grow the juiciest, down-your-arm-dripping, don’t-wear-your-white-shirt peaches, Kate might not be part of the planet in the way she is. And what a loss that would be for all of us.

I’ll spare you the details, but a road-trip to the Western Slope for peaches figures into the equation. And equation is precisely the right word, for if ever a woman struggled with the constants and variables of prospective motherhood, it would be this one.

I come from a long line of great mothers, and I was rightfully frightened that my skills would fall short. Now, that may have something to do with my older sister having told me I couldn’t be a mother because I stood my baby doll on its head to put clothes on it because it was faster. But maybe not, Marilyn. 😉

No, mine was the mid-80s professional puzzle. Could I have a career and a child and do well by both? It sounds so silly nearly 30 years later, but the question nearly drove me mad. So much so that my OB/GYN–and one of my clients–diagnosed me with “…a case of galloping ambivalence” at one of my prenatal visits.

But Divine Intervention…and Palisade peaches…and voila!

Best project of my life.

~ C.

“Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it.” ~ Alice Walker


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