“Until we can taste the equal, we can’t feel the free.” ~ Anonymous

I so wish I could tell you who wrote that. But I can’t.

It was a the single-sentence response to a piece written by political strategist Robert Creamer following Romney’s announcement of his VP choice. Questions concerning many rights had been raised in the article and aftermath–human, gun, gender, reproductive, voting, speech. Divergent opinions were being expressed, as is to be expected and even welcomed.

But that’s not my direction with this post.

What I want to know is this: how can any of us who have experienced freedom–tasted the sweetness on our tongue, felt the rhythm in our walk, seen the potential in our future–knowingly withhold that from another?

What can we possibly gain by not seeing another as our equal? And how can our decision to give less than what we believe is divinely ours not diminish our own freedom?

That’s all.

But that’s everything.

Photo: (c) Steve Linster,


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