hide and seek

Playing outdoors in late summer until darkness finally fell and the yard lights were turned on for another borrowed hour is a sweet country memory. It meant that many more minutes of flies-and-grounders, haymow tumbling or hide-and-seek while our parents played pitch around well-worn kitchen tables and waited for someone to “shoot the moon.”

Because the Thompson and Donald families were particularly close, visiting relatives were welcomed into both tribes. Among those sharing those summer nights–and introducing me to the nuances of tetherball (duck!)--was Pixie. A bit younger. Much smaller. As lively as her name.

Not-enough years later, she would disappear while on a trip, her body found many weeks later. All southern Iowa was shocked and saddened.

Last week, my sister Sue sent me this video clip from MSNBC Nightly News


She received it from Debbie, one of Pixie’s sisters. It tells how one family has transformed their tragedy into support for others whose loved ones are missing.  A similar story emerged here in Colorado, a few years ago, following the kidnapping of little Aleszandra “Alie” Berrelez.  I’m guessing there are countless more.

To each and all, thank you for lighting the way on others’ darkest nights.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”~ Kenji Miyazawa

Photo: Wikipedia. Hordle Hercules is thought to be the grandpapa of many of today’s stellar searching bloodhounds.


3 Responses to “hide and seek”

  1. Our friend Sarah just wrote us: The Berrelez family are dear friends of mine and they run the ALIE Foundation and train blood hounds for police searches. Richard Berrelez Sr is the president and is one of my friends here on Facebook of you are ever curious for more info or would like to support their cause. http://www.alie.org

    Thanks for shedding more light on these wonderful animals and the amazing humans that train them.

    ALIE is founded in memory of Alie Berrelez. She was abducted and murdered by a stranger. ALIE lived in Denver, Colorado.

  2. wonderful thoughts and memories. thanks

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