buttoned up

First things first: the Nixon button in this collectible collage came from Al. Yes, a life-long Republican does elect to hang out with me. And the fact that he’s considerably more moderate than when we met 15 years ago….well, I do believe in evolution. 😉

As for the true point of this post, I’m thinking this morning about the floor of the Tampa convention center after the last (R) left the building and as the cleaning crews took over. Trampled confetti and still-burstable balloons. Delegation placards and half-empty water bottles. The flotsam/jetsam of an ocean of supporters.

The reason it’s crossed my mind is two-fold. One facet is this fascinating piece from the Smithonian on what our nation’s foremost museum looks for when it collects convention memorabilia.


The second is the tiny mustard-and-brown button above the peace patch (yep, authentic 1972…never quite got it sewn on my denim jacket) that was mixed in with my father’s WWII pics and papers. It’s for Alf Landon, the candidate from Kansas who ran against FDR in 1936. Wish I could ask Dad why he kept it. Pretty certain it wasn’t because he supported the former governor who fought Social Security with a passion and garnered eight electoral votes. FDR got the rest.

What do we keep and what do we throw away?

Sounds to me like a metaphor for the entire election process.


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