say “yes” to the yoga pants

I work from a home office. Theoretically. And I actually have two lovely office areas that would suit the purpose well.

But for the nearly 10 years I’ve lived in this home, I’ve written 90 percent of the time seated on my bed. I love the high ceilings,streaming light and lake view this room offers. Plus, there’s space enough on this writing-raft for a supportive Labrador and a critical cat, when she deems to saunter in.

The copywriting process demands such a contingent for brainstorming and balance. Except the feline member just stares when I read aloud to her, which I interpret as: “You do know Kristi Fisher would have written a kick-ass headline for that. Rebecca Mashaw would have anchored it with stats. Susan Barrow would have made us laugh. Sylvia Angell would have introduced a philosophical element. And Ginny Hoyle would have crafted the entire piece into poetry.”

At which point I turn to the dog, whose grin says, “Best text I’ve ever heard. Got any chicken?”

But whatever working from home lacks in peer interaction is counterbalanced by wardrobe freedom. Unless a client meeting is on the schedule, the clothes on myownself are casual. There are rules: no mixing plaids and stripes, and one’s socks must match. But yoga pants figure heavily into the equation. Actually, heavily was a poor choice of words, because they aren’t the most figure-forgiving. Which brings me to the real reason I began this post:  this news flash.

Seems there’s a patent war raging over a yoga pant designed with a slimming waist band. I did not know they exist. Now I do. Fall wardrobe, here I come. Until then, I’ll be wearing one of the many pairs bearing the humble Old Navy label that are stacked in my closet. They work just fine. In fact, just the other day, the Labrador told me how nicely they fit.

I’m not about to ask the cat.


4 Responses to “say “yes” to the yoga pants”

  1. You dear dear soul.What a happy surprise to find my name here in such good company. I took early retirement to help raise two great little girls and never stopped to think I would be necessarily laid off after they both got into school. No regrets. Those were precious days. But some days I do miss that whole lively word-rich complicated time-challenged world and I’m so glad you are carrying the torch and running so strong! No wonder you rock the yoga pants.

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