What I call “divine synchronicity,” Father Charles Anedo calls “providence.”  But today, when we watched a 17-year-old Nigerian  walk down a Colorado hospital hall, one day after life-changing surgery, we weren’t about to quibble on terminology. Or religion. Or cultural differences. For what both of us saw was the result of amazing logistics and healing love.

Long story short: An orthopedic surgeon from metro Denver travels to Nigeria as part of mission trip. A full-week’s schedule of surgeries leaves one candidate waiting. A teenager. Severely broken hip from a childhood fall. Case too complex for the Nigerian clinic. But instead of saying no, the young physician says I’ll do everything I can when I get back to the States.

And he does.

Here’s where the synchronicities become crazy good. The young patient isn’t likely to receive the visa necessary for travel to the U.S. So Father Charles, the priest at St. Anthony Hospital here in Lakewood, contacts Father Emmanuel, a friend from seminary in Nigeria. Together, the two coordinate the necessary paperwork. The St. Anthony Health Foundation comes through with tickets. The physician donates his services and OrthoColorado Hospital contributes care.

This is the global village at work. Some might even call it a miracle. But this I know for sure:  the next time I see a problem in need of a solution, my trust that the right pieces can come together in the right way at the right time is going to be all the stronger.

Because I saw the proof walking down the hall.


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  1. Outstanding! Bless them all.

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