meeska mooska

1956. Right about this time in October .

A very pregnant Arlene Thompson is actually sitting still for a few minutes ;-), watching after-school cartoons with her kids. She is also deciding what middle name would be right if, as family doctor Dr. E.F. Ritter has told her, the baby “is a Susie and not a Sam.” Then this–or a similar musical number–hits the small, black/white screen on the used cabinet-model TV, and she knows:

And that, fellow Mouseketeers, is how my baby sister Susan Annette Thompson was named. The dark-haired, dark-eyed Annette Funicello had made her impression on Mom, and the rest is history.

Fifty-six years of history, if I’m counting correctly, Suz.

The Mickey Mouse Club was a big deal if you were a small kid in the 1950s. A little drama (remember Spin & Marty ?) , a lot of dance, and enough variety acts to fit with the times. It even had its own magazine: 1956-mickey-mouse-club-magazine-snow.html

These days, when I Skype with Lily, a much different Mickey Mouse Clubhouse frequently provides background ambiance. And I have been taught the hot-dog dance. But it wasn’t until today that I learned one of Lily’s mom’s movie favorites was also a ’90s Mouseketeer.


 Three generations of meeska mooska. Gotta love tradition.
P.S. If you want to mark your calendar, Suz’ birthday is the 16th. Tell the world’s best dental hygienist and pretty sweet little sister to celebrate! 😉

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