Shortly after rush hour this evening, the stretch of I-25 that runs through the Mile-High City will be shut down for presidential debate security. Considerably earlier, University Avenue and dozens of surrounding streets will be blocked. All of which is testing the strategic skills of friends who live and work in the DU area.

But this is a night for strategy. And maneuvering. And, if pundits are right, detours.

The first presidential debate I recall was in 1956. Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson exchanged gentlemanly perspectives on the static-filled screen of my family’s only recently acquired TV. We were still in the “watch anything, including the broadcast pattern” phase of viewing. Even my mom joined us–a rarity–but she kept her hands busy embroidering flowers on a pink flannel layette for the baby on the way.

Curious to know if tonight’s duel at DU will be the game changer New Jersey governor Chris Christie predicts or the meh moment others expect. At this point, Bridge and I are favoring the findings of this lab simulation: 



4 Responses to “debatable”

  1. Hah, this is just what I expect — much sound and fury signifying nothing. Good work Labradors!

  2. So, you remember the ’56 debate! That trumps my recollection of “‘ol 5 o’clock shadow” vs. “the catholic”.

  3. @Dennis – Your “the catholic” reminds me…I remember someone’s saying, that if Kennedy were elected, coins would no longer read “In God We Trust” but “In the Pope We Hope.”

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