One Sky

My nephew, Jeff–a middle-school science teacher in New Hampton, Iowa–is a kite-flyer extraordinare. He not only loves sending the colorful contraptions soaring, he gets a special kick when the kids in his classes catch kite fever. For along with the sheer fun of watching their creations gracefully gain altitude, fall, then climb, again, come earth sciences lessons of the practical kind.

Jeff reminded me this past weekend that a full decade has passed since we first discussed the global kite festival One Sky, One World. Held the second Sunday each October, this international event celebrates the kite as a symbol of creative collaboration and our singular sky as a reminder of our commonality. Denver served as the host city in 2011.

Tens of thousands gather in settings such as Australia. This past weekend in eastern Iowa, however, a much smaller number took to the parks and playgrounds with the extra incentive of extra credit.  Yes, Mr. Monteith–you know, that really fun science teacher who also sets off bottle rockets that bring the maintenance men storming out of the middle school?–well, he offered 25 extra points for a picture proving you built a kite and flew it.

He tells me several hundred kids have taken him up on the offer over the past 10 years. Way to go, Jeff. 😉

Photo: (C) Jeff Monteith, 2012 – Jeff and his son Easton celebrate One World, One Sky.


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