let sleeping lions…lie

Here’s something else I love: when a thought comes, seemingly out of the blue, and then is reinforced, repeatedly, over the next few days with images and sounds and news clips. Happened this week, when a torrent of tunes arrived in rapid succession–all variations of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

What is it about this song that makes vocalists of us all? Even those of us–make that, especially those of us–who are not musically inclined? I’m thinking it’s the chance to shift from falsetto to deep bass, all in the course of seconds and the appearance of sanity. Plus, it sounds really marvelous in the shower.

There’s a roar-worthy example in “The Lion King.” And I loved hearing Ladysmith Black Mombazo perform it a few years ago, here in Denver. But I’m particularly partial to the mighty fine arrangement Kate and I had worked out when she was still small enough to be riding in a booster seat in back of that silver 1985 Toyota Corolla.

But since neither she nor I are about to perform a duet here, I did find these three for your co-warbling pleasure. 😉


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