Boulder-based KBCO–undeniably the best radio station in the Rockies–has its New Music Monday. Love it. Fresh sounds from artists I know and don’t. New tracks, new synapses, better brain. So I’ve been thinking we should have a regular Old Music Monday post. And this recent obit for Howard Scott, the man responsible for the LPs we of the 60s/70s revered, seems a good place to begin. 14297690-howard-h-scott-developer-of-the-long-playing-vinyl-record-dies-at-92?lite

If you were part of that era, what was your favorite album?

My mind went to the LPs I, quite literally, wore out. Or scratched into oblivion. Take your choice. Because the care and feeding of those concentric-circled discs was not easy. But, let it be said, that the Beatles’ Abbey Road,  The Lettermen‘s You’re Just Too Good to Be True, and Blood Sweat & Tears‘ Spinning Wheel died valiant deaths.

And speaking of spinning, here are three cuts perfect for your coffee break:

Remember the theme for Rocky?

And Gary Bonds’ wonderful tribute to NOLA?

And this little gem?

Vinyl record. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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