straight lines

“There would be no moral dilemmas if moral principles worked in straight lines and never crossed each other.” ~ Tom StoppardProfessional Foul

A schedule miscommunication yesterday gave two of my favorite designers and me a half-hour to catch up before a client presentation. One is in his mid-20s; the other just slightly older than I. The generational difference has proven an asset in our creative collaborations, and I genuinely love these guys.

The course of conversation began with dogs–two labs and a chihuahua, among the three of us–and moved rapidly to the democratic process now underway. Turns out one of the designers is a strong Romney-Ryan supporter. I am not. But with surprising calm, we worked our way through the new firestorm from Senator Mourdock’s reflections on rape. A few more exchanges, and then the young one among us said, “But no president we elect would act to outlaw abortion.”

Deep breath, Carla. Let’s just say I told him I believed he was mistaken.

Like Senator Murdoch, my views on abortion have come from serious soul-searching. And living. And listening to people like the OB/GYN I interviewed while editing a biomedical ethics journal.

He told me of a young woman who had been a patient for several years. She and her husband desperately wanted to have a child. Having been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, she knew there were risks. But her medical condition appeared under control, so they conceived.

Several months into the pregnancy, everything went wrong. Every intervention available was considered, with some tried. Ultimately, however, it became a choice between the mother and the child she was carrying, who could not live outside the womb–even in one of Denver’s best NICUs.

“I generally don’t do abortions,” he told me, tears flowing freely, “but I was her doctor. I could not leave them at a time like this.”

Then I stopped taking notes. Neither one spoke. We just cried, together.

And as I was leaving, he asked about Kate.

For he had been the one who had lifted her from my belly and into the world.


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  1. Beautiful, Carla! Sniff….choke…tears!

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