night lights

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” ~J.R.R. Tolkein

Dark streets. Dark water. Dark buildings. I think that is what I will remember most as Hurricane Sandy moves into history. This is reality programming none of us wanted to see. Restoring power to millions will take time and it will be dangerous.

Since I can’t send the kind of energy that lights bulbs, warms houses and cooks meals, I’m doing what I know most of you are doing–sending the energy of prayer, meditation, Reiki and other forms of faith.

Kate and I also have begun a “light/dark list” of images and stories that have given our hearts and minds a positive charge these past few days. Six that have risen to the top:

• New Yorkers waiting to recharge their cell phones and tablets from the generator sitting mid-street. Technology has changed disaster response and recovery at every level of our society.

• The burly first-responder lightly lifting the small, silver-haired retiree to carry her through waist-deep water. He was smiling.

• People and pets being able to leave residences in danger together. They are family.

• The nurses “breathing” for the tiny infants who had to be transferred from the NICU of a drowning New York hospital.

The AP photo of a tall, thin President Obama returning to the White House in the rain. My first thought–that there was something Lincolnesque echoing–has been noted by others. But my favorite fun parallel is “like out of The Matrix.” 😉

Chris Christie on Fox. No, wasn’t watching. Yes, have viewed the clips after Kate called it to my attention. I’m not naive enough to think the pivot is completely without political motive. But Sandy didn’t seem to distinguish between (D) (R) (I) (U) on her way up the seaboard. A forecast with some collaboration would be nice after these raging storms.

That’s ours. What’s yours?

Where have you seen light in the darkness?


2 Responses to “night lights”

  1. I saw a photo of a first responder bringing a dog–a husky or shepherd–out of a culvert of some kind, crawling up a ladder with this big dog wrapped around him. Nice to see that concern for fellow creatures.

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