Happy birthday, Sesame Street!

You turn 43 today. I was in my second year of college when you first brought Bert, Ernie and Big Bird onto the screen and into our lives, teaching toddlers to count and read and share in the process. Wish I could have known then you’d be providing guilt-free babysitting for my girl 25 years later and hers in-this-very-moment.

I’ve been thinking about learning and the factors that make it a life-long priority for some of us.

At the gym, yesterday, I biked next to Margaret–a teacher of U.S. forces’ kids in post-WWII France “until DeGaulle threw us out.” She shared she’d just finished a free seniors class on Van Gogh through the University of Denver. Before that was a Neighborhoods of Denver course. And next–well, it will either be technology-based or art-related.

My father was still sharing new things he was learning at 91. Political insights. Social changes. Health news. His factual encouragement helped fuel my weight training for bone building. So thanks, Dad. 😉

All of which brings me to the article I read this week on older learners. Trust me:  this one is worth a click.

Last question:  Whatever your age, what are you learning now?  And what do you hope to learn next?

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