“What is important about a lightbulb is not the filament or the glass, but the light. And what is important about each of us is not the body and its nerves, but the consciousness that shines through them.” ~ Joseph Campbell

I am a late-comer to the Hindu celebration of Diwali. My daughter and son-in-law tell me The Office featured it some time ago. And yesterday, when I mentioned it to a colleague, she told me of being in India one mid-November, riding camels and watching the night sky fill with fireworks.

This is a five-day festival that is all about light. The light of consciousness. Of celebration. Of connection.

On the outside, it looks like this:

And on the inside, it sounds like this:

Happy Diwali.


2 Responses to “Diwali”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful images of light and celebration. They make me feel very festive, and they’re so much safer than wearing a crown of candles on my head.

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