here’s to you, April O’Neill

Until tonight, every blog I have posted has been–to some degree–planned. This one isn’t. Maybe its because today is Lily’s Grandfather Carwile’s birthday, and I am a nostalgic kinda girl. Maybe it’s because I just watched an episode of “Cupcake Wars” in which the next generation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the theme. Got me. But here I am, simply checking in with reality and what’s important.

When Kate was turning six–and after three years of living apart–her dad and I gave everything we had to be an in-one-house  family, again. Our overwhelming desire was to give the girl we loved beyond ourselves a growing-up time that resembled normalcy…despite the fact that her parents were not. But it wasn’t supposed to be, as our here-and-now lives show so clearly.

One of the sweet surprises of 1990, however,  was that we moved into a home (fresh territory, better odds) that was so filled with natural light that it took my breath away. It had belonged to a former Denver Bronco, we learned. And our next-door neighbors were a family we knew from Kate’s Vassar Elementary experience. Two little boys and a wonderful mom/dad team that would be our daycare support and community connection.

For these two little Aurora Lakeshore guys, 6 and 9, I think, nothing superceded the fun and fantasy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But there was only one female role in this script, so Kate quickly became resigned to being April, girl reporter.

I talked with her today. She was reporting the news from Denver’s hottest new yoga studio, One Yoga, via their Facebook page. And she told me Trevor, the younger of the next-door-boys, has just become a father.

Heroes on a half-shell, I love you.


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