hearing voices

Just read that Lucille Bliss–the woman whose voice gave life to the blue babe Smurfette in the ’80s, Cinderella’s stepsister in the ’70s, the Jetsons‘ Elroy in the ’60s  and Crusader Rabbit in the 50s passed this week at the age of 96. Voice-over work has always fascinated me, and the tiny bit I’ve done has convinced me it’s infinitely more complex than it appears. Those who shared a recording studio with Ms. Bliss recall her characterizing as many as four beings in a single session.

Since it’s the weekend, and you have time for that second cup of coffee, here are three links worth a leisurely visit.

The first has some big-screen voice-over surprises…


And the second answers that nagging question of just whose voice is on that commercial you keep seeing/hearing and can’t quite place:


But it’s the third that will make you giggle.

Go ahead. It’s Saturday.



2 Responses to “hearing voices”

  1. this was fun to listen too. In my work I have had an opportunity to play with it in the studio and it is hard! it is also a time to let go and find something within yourself that you can express. so fun! thanks for sharing:)

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