small world

Two years ago this Thanksgiving week, Kate and I launched an experiment into the great blogging unknown. It was a selfish expedition. She wanted a fresh venue for expressing some stymied stay-at-home-mom creativity. I was writing constantly as a career but was hungry for a more personal voice. She set up the WordPress account. She told me what my responsibilities were. I entered the credit card info.

And we were off.

What we had no way of knowing was just how rewarding this adventure would prove.

Our Own Sweet Time now has been read by friends we’ve never met in 46 countries beyond the U.S. (Should you ask me to identify Tobago on a world map, I can. 😉  ). It reached 25,000 in readership numbers a couple weeks ago–a tiny total  for commercial blogs but no small matter in our private posting. It has connected us with people we’d lost touch with over the years and been our introduction to individuals we probably never would have met otherwise. It has allowed us to walk down memory lane, laughing and sometimes crying with you along the way. It has allowed us to pay tribute to people still on this plane and those who have passed. And it has achieved what I, being in new-grandmother mode at the start, wanted a great deal: it gives Lily a real-time archive of who Mom and G were at this point in time.

To those of you who have honored us by reading our words and sharing your thoughts, thank you. For if there’s one thing I know even more clearly today than two years ago, it’s that we all need people to stand with us.

Wherever in the universe we may go.


4 Responses to “small world”

  1. Thank you! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to many more.

  2. Your great insights and thoughts have made an everlasting impact on me. Please don’t stop! You guys are a great team and Lily has no idea what a great gift she has waiting once she learns to read!

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