rejection connection

Lily is becoming one of family’s new wave of teachers. This week’s lesson: dealing with rejection.

It happened while visiting a potential new preschool. The parental units witnessed the exchange between her and a little boy, but couldn’t hear the dialog. They just knew Lily looked at him, picked up her crayons and moved to the next table to color with the kids there. Asked later, she told them he’d called her “too little.” He was almost four; she is two-and-a-half. Ah, life.

I do like Lily’s style and sense of self. Wish more of us realized sooner the personal power in grabbing your crayons and moving on. And the vice-versa of telling someone else that hard truth.

Which brings me to a most helpful technological tool: The Rejection Line ( Learned about it yesterday from my favorite astrologer Rob Brezsny. Launched in New York, it is a free service that politely tells people you are not available. Its statement of purpose: “We do the rejecting. You spend time doing things you enjoy, like walking in the park, going to cultural events, and dating attractive people. Streamline your personal business, and familial relationships. Use at bars, clubs, and art exhibitions. Page to cell phones and beepers. Write on bathroom walls. Give to creditors, telemarketers, and religious zealots.”

I especially like its message options: Press Option 2  to listen to a sad poem. Press Option 3 if you need to cling to an unrealistic hope.

And before anyone snarks at me, I am not being heartless. Just realistic. We are all givers and recipients of the great gift of rejection. Ultimately, each serves as just one more mile-marker on the road to where we need to be. And what a surprise it is when we see we have been led to our very own selves.


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