celebrate me home

Short post. Big hug.

Kate tells me that a large number of Navy personnel are returning home between now and Christmas. Among the first wave arriving are fathers who have tiny ones they haven’t met and those who will welcome new babies in the coming weeks. I–the generic grandmother, who only knows this story at a distance–am tearfully thrilled at the well-timed homecomings.

Four years ago, when Kate told me–in the same breath–that she and Dmitri were marrying and that he was enlisting in the Navy, I had what we will euphemistically call “mixed emotions.” I am a pacifist on most days, a semi-socialist on some days, but a realist when the need arises. Since then, I have come to see the military in a far different light. And I am grateful beyond words for these families who sacrifice at every level to keep our national security strong.

Anyway…’tis the season. This song by Kenny Loggins is probably my favorite current carol. And to these returning service folk and their families…we are celebrating with you. Thank you so much.


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