Love is…seeing your shadow.

By kateandcarla

February 2, 2013

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For those of us who grew up in the rural Midwest in the ’50s and ’60s, being “nice” came with the territory. I’m glad. There’s a great deal to be said for nurturing the shiny side of “nice”–the one that holds genuine thoughtfulness, kindness, willingness to show up and serve.

But then there’s the shadow side (thank you, Carl Jung)–that equally sizable, camouflauged container packed with the darker stuff we’d just as soon others didn’t see. And which we often can’t see ourselves. The pettiness. The anger. The eff-you piece that no one wants to talk about. And that, I believe, is where love comes in.

From my experience, you cannot be in a close, let alone, intimate, relationship, without the real “you” emerging. At first you are stunned. Then embarrassed. Then curious. Then–deep breath–wow, didn’t even know that was there. And one of the gifts that come–be the environment personal, business or whatever–is that you know yourself, your real self, at a level you didn’t.

And that is the sum total of my Groundhog Day post. On this day, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow. Maybe, tomorrow, he will. Either way, spring is closer.

And that, I love.


2 Responses to “Love is…seeing your shadow.”

  1. My response to your mention of the “real you” that can appear in close relationships was, “Love IS humbling.” And there it is, my contribution to your Feb. theme: love is…humbling. Intimate relationships spotlight our most cherished illusions about ourselves — our brilliance, our unquestionable logic, our rightness, our ability to sing on key — and make us acknowledge our oh-so-humbling humanness.

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