“I don’t know of anything prettier than a scissortail flyin’ through the sky!”
Mrs. Carrie Watts, A Trip to Bountiful

Loved that Cicely Tyson won a Tony at 79 (or 88, depending on the source) for reprising the role of Mrs. Carrie Watts. Until I can see “The Trip to Bountiful” on Broadway, I’ll hold on to movie memories of an aging Geraldine Page summoning courage to journey beyond her comfort zone and see the what’s-next.

We shared something similar this past week with our mom Arlene, who reached Mile Marker 92 last March. This adventure began with my niece Angie’s wild idea that we could have a family 4th here in Colorado. What better base camp for her young crew’s first official vacation than Aunt Carla’s? When Marilyn–her mother/my sister and loving logic personified–agreed, the planning began. Couple A and Grandma Thompson would make the trip in two days, giving the latter more time to acclimate to the altitude. Couple B and kids 10, 7 and 5 would do the one-day mad-dash. They did, arriving Saturday. It’s all good.

When Mom began having breathing issues pre-dawn Monday, we considered our options and reached the mutual conclusion that an Emergency Department visit was best. One day turned into two, but day three brought us back to normal. Or as normal as this family gets. 😉 Four more days of fun, and the Iowegians headed east.

Talking today with Kate, she keyed in on the courage it took her grandmother to make the trip, trusting that the family she had raised could see her safely through. I connected, for the first time, how much we can need something and not know it, until that need has been filled and we are overflowing.

I needed to sit with Mom on my deck one more time, watching the swallows dipping, the carp splashing and the aspen leaves shimmering. We needed to revisit the time before, when my dad had sat with us in the cool, evening breeze. And we needed to giggle as my five-year-old grandniece charmed us with her own tales and let us see our family’s future unfolding.



2 Responses to “Bountiful”

  1. Enjoy those moments and cherish the memories!

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